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WMDA Share is an online collaboration tool for WMDA members.

If you are a WMDA member, you can access all project pages and participate in discussions.

Questions or suggestions?

Drop a note by e-mail to


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Your Menu has been changed!

After an update from Confluence the menu header from where you can easily go to your member information and projects has been changed. Not only the looks but also some items.

  • Foundation item in menu
    All information regarding governance (e.g. WMDA Strategy and Bylaws), resources (e.g. office contact info) and communication (e.g. stem cell matters, templates) can be found here!

  • Working area of your project
    Scroll over the pillar you like to select and click on the name of the ongoing project. Next go to the text frame ‘Working area’ at the right top of the page and click on ‘restricted project area’ in the text frame.
    Now you will find your project details in your selected working area!

Difficulties with finding the right page? Please send an email to

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titleLog in first before you can see your working area's

Click on "log in" on the top of the right or become a member to get access to the online collaboration tool!