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Below is an example report for CBU. The donor report will be similar, Only the "Data Distribution" part is different.



Report example and Explanation 



The report name and version. Extra features like:

  • Print : print Print report : you may print the report to PDF in major browsers for archival.
  • Info : link Link to background information about the  DQ registry report
  • Data : Access to the report data in JSON format, you can use this for your own data processing purposes.


Identifying organisation name and ION, listing organization organisation name and ION if applicable, date that the report is generated.  

Data Summary 

The subdivision within the dataset for the listing organisation, typically per bank that is included in by the listing bank, or per ION that data was uploaded by an other listing organisations uploaded. 

Data Distribution


This bar chart provide provides the data distribution of records number in the the number of records of each organisation when the organisation is in charge of and uploading data for other CBBs and registries.

Charts for Focused fields 

This pie chart provides a visual indication of the density of the what % percentage of the provided records has data is available for that field.

Charts for Focused fields 

This line chart provides a trend analysis with the development of the % available data for that field for the given period. The trend is displayed RELATIVE. The global trend (the number of records provided over a period) can be found here:  .

Charts for Focused fields 

This combo chart provides a comparison of the density (%) available data from the top 5 global performers that present in the WMDA international database.  You

For the global development of the AVERAGE availability of data you may consult the global density trend analysis per field at 


Distribution Qualitative Distribution for Focused Field

This table provide provides the CBU count distribution with value range of the specific field. The data ranges like “[90-124]” are the default data ranges that WMDA uses based on clinical requirement requirements or community suggestions.  Organization   The Organisation column shows the unique WMDA organisation id (WO-ID). “Missing” in the last row means some CBUs are provided without the WO-ID. “Missing” in the last column means no value has been provided for this field for that number of CBUs.