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  • Registry operational information available on:ΒΒ 
  • Waiver
  • Update April 2: The MDPB applies the following policy in line with the guidelines for blood donors:
    • Deferral after COVID-19 infection = 28 days after symptoms resolution and end of the treatment

    • Deferral after contact with a COVID-19 patient = 28 days

    • Deferral after travel or contact with a person who traveled in a high-risk area = no defer

    • Suitability of the donor must be evaluated on COVID-19 symptoms: gastrointestinal & fever & respiratory symptoms in the last 28 days. And on exhaustive interrogation on possible contacts with COVID-19 patients, the last 28 days is mandatory

    • PCR or antibody testing of the donor is not needed.

    • Source freezing is an option for intercontinental or airplane transportation. Not for quarantine reason but for travel hurdles.

    • Post-donation donor information in case of complaints till 14 days after the donation is advised.

Bulgarian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ION-7197)

  • Registry operational information available on:Β
  • Update January 28, 2021: Regarding the pandemic situation, all people that enter Bulgaria must have a negative COVID PCR test. If a PCR certificate is required for the couriers that travel from Bulgaria to other countries, we can assist with this, as our Department performs COVID PCR test and can issue the relevant certificate.

Canada Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry (ION-5103)