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titleDocuments and information

Three important documents (see links in blue):

  • Communication from the commission
    HPC are defined under the green lanes for border management to ensure the availability of goods and services. If you request a courier to transport a product, we recommend to fill in, sign and provide the last page of the document (Annex 3, page 4) to the courier. You can choose between:
    • A driver of a heavy goods vehicle (road transport)
    • A public transport aircraft crew (flight transport)

You can find more information on the following website:

titleCourier information

Table of Contents

titleWMDA Travel Certificate

WMDA has created a certificate for couriers to attest the importance of unhindered and swift travel: WMDA Travel Certificate.

buttontextDownload the WMDA Travel Certificate

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nameTravel Certificate Couriers[1].pdf

titleCourier Information

Ontime Onboard Courier/ECS

We are constantly monitoring all developments, which involves being in contact with relevant customers about possible scenarios and solutions. We are also working on Plan Bs and Cs to make sure the live saving product is securely transported from the donor to the patient in need. Selection of the most suitable couriers and transport routing is as always our highest priority! Please feel free to contact us anytime, if questions or queries occur: We are always happy to assist you.


Time:matters Stem Cell Courier Services are operational and we continue to tailor stem cell courier transport solutions worldwide within the existing legal limits and currently existing travel restrictions. We exchange on a regular basis information within the international WMDA Emergency Task Force working on transport contingency plans for the entire WMDA community. Currently, the biggest challenge for transport planning are the short-term changes in international travel (e.g.immigration restrictions, flight availability, quarantine protocols), which require flexibility from all parties involved. Therefore, we recommend that TCs and registries contact their authorities at an early stage that they can apply for an possible exemption for stem cell couriers when travel restrictions are introduced or tightened. In this crisis time:matters Group will follow the official advise of WHO, respective national governments, state governments and Lufthansa Group! Please contact our stem cell team at for any inquiries. Existing bookings will be administered and reassessed in connection with the changed regulation. We will contact you proactively if we need to discuss alternative options.

CountryWaiverImporting organisationNo. of imports 2018No. of exports 2018Contact information to verify shipmentSpecific courier informationHandover hub on airport
Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

Australian boarders remain effectively closed to couriers. All products are cryopreserved at the place of donation and shipped via freight. This will continue for the foreseeable future.
Austrian Bone Marrow Donor Registry12238

+43 1 515 61 378


BelgiumlinkMarrow Donor Program Registry21727+32 473 367 350
Bulgarian Bone Marrow Donor Registry23
+359-887 455 191

Update January 28, 2021 :
Regarding the pandemic situation, all people that enter Bulgaria must have a negative COVID PCR test. If a PCR certificate is required for the couriers that travel from Bulgaria to other countries, we can assist with this, as our Department performs COVID PCR test and can issue the relevant certificate.

DKMS Chile

T +56226051609

C +56939187306

Please find the requirements for foreigners non-resident entering Chile (no exceptions for couriers)

Negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travelling. In flights with intermediate stops, this is considered from the last boarding. Screening tests are not allowed (antigen, antibody, etc.)

– Fill out the Traveler’s Sworn Statement electronically and up to 48 hours before boarding at

– Health insurance that covers benefits associated with COVID-19 during the stay, with a minimum coverage of USD$30,000

Please find below, screenshot for the website.

Image Modified

All residents and foreign must perform a mandatory 10-day quarantine process, but the quarantine can be interrupted to leave the country, the recommendation for couriers is to leave the country the same day.

We don’t have available a lab in the airport, but we have a lot of medical centers and even domiciliary companies that are available to have the PCR Covid19 test available in 24-48 hours if is need it. They don’t need a medical prescription for the test.

Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry336+385 91 5218 026

Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry
44+357 9958 6381


Czech Stem Cell Registry

Czech National Marrow Donor Registry Plzen


+420 602 250 797

+420 606 311 884

Update 22/01/2021/10/2020:

  • Briefly :
    • Czech borders are open for the purpose of the transport of the stem cell graft.
    • Permit letters (Confirmation for foreign workers of critical infrastructure service in the Czech territory) are required – registry issues permit for each transport.
    • For this purpose there is no obligation to submit a PCR test result for the period of time not exceeding 24 hours. 
    • CNMDR may arrange courier service with hand over at the border crossing.
    • If necessary, all information regarding Donor Health&Availability, VT/Workup and Transportation requirements can be provided, discussed and/or consulted by phone  (+420373034333) or e-mail ( )
Vaclav Havel Prague Airport is only airport open



Denmark Stem Cell Donors West1193

+45 2477 8022

+45 2331 0989

  • The Danish borders are closed, but persons with a creditable purpose are allowed to enter. Medicine and stem cells are considered a creditable purpose, but the courier needs to show a negative COVID-19 test (antigen or PCR test are accepted). The test must be taken max. 24 hours before boarding the airplane, and in case of transit, before boarding the first airplane. If  the courier cannot show a valid COVID-19 test, the courier will be denied access to the airplane with destination for Denmark.
  • Passengers on connected flights to Denmark transiting in one or more airports have two different options:
    • They can take a test no more than 24 hours before boarding the first flight
    • They can take a test while in transit

Denmark Stem Cell Donors East

+45 3545 3970

Finlandlink (Finnish language only)Finnish Stem Cell Registry6314+358 50 327 3447
France Greffe de Moelle80676

+33-6-88 22 35 28


+49 174 192 59 36

+49 731 1507 201

Information testing centres Germany
Hellenic Transplant Organization8335+30 210 6471 200

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Registry

+852 2781 8498

Export of Fresh Stem Cell Product: Starting from Dec 2020, any inbound traveler must undergo a 21-day of compulsory quarantine at designated quarantine hotel. Reservation of designated hotel must be confirmed before boarding. In order to ensure the safety of the recipients in this rapidly changing epidemic situation, TC are reminded to plan carefully on flight and courier arrangement for fresh product transport.
Hungarian Stem Cell Donor Registry721+36305319502

Irish Unrelated Bone Marrow Registry591+353 1 432 2800Information on testing at the airport

Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Donor Registry

Update 27-1-2021: please see  attachment  for a full update

Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry66365+39 01 056 344 34-35
Rome FCO
Lithuanian National Bone Marrow Donor Registry431+370 698 23416

Luxembourg Marrow Donor Program
3Collection handled through Germany

NetherlandslinkMatchis Foundation33994+31 71 568 5300Overview of test locations, here.


Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry

+47 91707212

All persons travelling to Norway have a duty to register themselves in order to enhance infection control. Stem cell couriers have been given exempt from quarantine (both work and leisure time), and only need to register your personal data and tick the appropriate boxes. Link to registration form: Registration of arrival to Norway -  (fill in only part 1). If you have registered before, you can log in using the same mobile number, email or ID-Porten as last time, in order to check what kind of information you then provided. After completing the registration, you will receive a receipt that must be shown to the police at the border control.

The journey can only be registered when it is less than 72 hours to the time of entry.

The data is stored securely and is deleted after 20 days. Only the authorities have access to the data.

Norway introduces its strictest entry rules since March 2020 -

Poltransplant1471,153+48 60 129 0029

Okecie Airport

Handover at border

Cedace10950+351 217 504 100

National Registry of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Voluntary Donors381+40 722 751 147


+65 6916 0370

Transport of HPC product
TC can request for either cryopreserved product to be cryopreserved at our collection centre or for fresh product where handover will take place within Singapore airport transit area without overseas courier entering Singapore.

For handover at Singapore airport transit area, details of overseas courier’s travel history in the past 14 days (prior to arrival in Singapore), which will not include the country where they are coming from, must be provided. Travellers who have travelled to UK or New South Wales in the past 14 days may not be allowed to enter or transit in Singapore.

  • For overseas couriers whose stay in Singapore is for a period# of less than 48h, pre-Departure Testing (PDT) and On-Arrival Testing (OAT) is not required
  • For overseas couriers whose stay in Singapore is for a period#of 48h or more, OAT (only)@ is required

#Based on the earliest planned flight in and latest planned flight out
@OAT needs to be booked and paid at the following link.

Slovak National BMD Registry405+421 2 6867 2634

Slovenia Donor252+386 1 54 38 224

Registro de Donantes De Medule Osea (REDMO)36191+34 689306356YesAll Spanish International airports
Tobias Registry16451+46 733 70 90 97

Blutspende SRK Schweiz

 +41 31 380 81 81

+41 31 380 81 01

  • Border control: Switzerland has open borders but travelers entering Switzerland from certain regions will have to go into quarantine for ten days. The FOPH (Ministry of Health) has a list of the countries concerned, which it updates regularly ( ). Travelers affected will be notified during the flight, on board coaches and at border crossings. They will have to register with the cantonal authorities on arrival. Airlines and travel companies will also be instructed not to transport sick passengers. The Swiss Registry holds an additional authorization for the import and export of blood stem cells (06.07.2020 authorization Corona BAG) especially for the COVID-19 situation (Import/Export of DLIs) and we will provide this authorization for the cases where the Swiss registry is involved (national patients/donors and international donors/patients) in order to prevent courier staff from having to go into quarantine.
  • NEW COVID-19 test requirements for couriers starting 08.02.2021: Switzerland is changing their requirements for quarantine and testing of travelers entering Switzerland starting 08.02.2021. Please note that couriers entering Switzerland to pickup or deliver blood stem cells are exempted from these requirements and do not need to quarantine or require a negative test when entering Switzerland. Couriers are still obliged to register with the Swiss FOPH and must provide their contact information before entry into Switzerland:
  • We offer assistance for couriers departing Switzerland and requiring a COVID-19 test in order to enter another country. Please notify our coordination team ( in advance and we will help setting up a test. Test stations are available close to the Swiss collection centers and offer antigen tests with a turnaround of 30min. PCR testing requires considerably more time and therefore must be assessed individually in case it is absolutely necessary for the transport.
  • Masks are compulsory on all public transport. It is also mandatory to wear a mask in all publicly accessible establishments and (indoor premises). This includes shops, banks and restaurants.
  • We are grateful for your collaboration in helping us to maintain our blood stem cell transplant activity. We remain at your disposal for any kind of inquiries concerning this topic / emergency calls: +41 31 380 81 01.

United Kingdom


Guidance for couriers

Anthony Nolan, Bristol Registry, DKMS UK, Welsh Registry488 from EU Member States311 to EU Member States

+44 7879 519 478 Airport

Countries that import to EU Member States:

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Iran, Isreal, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailan, Turkey, United States of America