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Israel Ezer Mizion Registry Israel Bone Marrow Donor Registry (ION-4987)

  • Registry operational information available on:; statement.
  • Update 23 January 2022: 
    • GENERAL Ezer Mizion Registry is fully operational.
    • DONORS AVAILABILITY As a result of the Omicron variant which is spreading throw-out the population many donors are either reporting infection of or exposure to Covid-19.
    • CRYOPRESERVATION OF PRODUCTS As a result of the above Ezer Mizion currently requires all products to be cryopreserved before the initiation of patient conditioning.
    • BONE MARROW COLLECTIONS BM harvests are still problematic to arrange as many donors prefer not to be exposed to hospital settings, and there may be last minute changes in graft source. We recommend opting for PBSC whenever medically possible.
    • COURIER SERVICES As of January 9, 2022, vaccinated and recovered tourists from all countries are allowed to enter Israel. Registries may now send their own couriers if they wish to do so. Be aware there are certain conditions that need to be taken into consideration. One of these conditions requires the passenger to perform a PCR test upon arrival. Test results should be available within 24 hours. Please take this into consideration when setting up a travel plan for your courier.
    • All information is available on the following websites in English:
      Note: Ezer Mizion will not take responsibility for any last minute changes to these conditions or any delay in the Covid-19 test results.
      Please inform us at time of sending the WU request if your registry will be sending a courier or if you still wish that we organize the transportation using Royale International as our operator.
      Yehudit Eitiel:  +972-52-9580059
      Sigal Manor:  +972-52-9580039
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