WMDA has had the first virtual meeting week in the history of our association. All four WMDA pillars provided an update about their ongoing and finalised projects. 

In the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), WMDA has set up several information pages to provide you with an array of useful information and resources.
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Is your registry and your affiliated organisations ready for December 15th, 2020? 

Watch here the status of all organisations listing: Detailed Org Update Status

Step E: Fully implemented the new GRID donor ID

From 15th December 2020 GRID must be fully implemented for all organisations and will be the only donor identifier to be shown in the Search & Match Service. Final references to the old donor ID will no longer be visible within the Search & Match Service and should be discontinued. WMDA acknowledges that on a registry level, the current donor IDs will never fully be removed and must be maintained for historical traceability and quality. The expectation is that use of these IDs in daily processes and communications (technical and operational) are discontinued. Continued use of multiple IDs is inherently a risk of misidentification and miscommunication. Find here the status of all organisations in relation to using the GRID in listing their donors.