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COVID-19 is challenging our community.
To assist you in the donor selection process, WMDA has introduced a new service. If you need urgent help in the selection process because of problems finding a suitable and available unrelated adult stem cell donor, the WMDA has established a cord blood support team. Cord blood may be a good alternative if there are complications in the search process as cord blood is quickly available, was collected before the COVID-19 outbreak and can be shipped by cargo flights or by driver.
WMDA Cord Blood Selection Support Service

How to connect to our cord blood support team?

You will provide:

  • Patient HLA-typing (high resolution: HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB1)
  • Antibodies
  • Diagnosis
  • Blood group
  • Weight
  • If available, but not mandatory: age, gender, ethnicity)
  • Contact details (name, e-mail, telephone number)

What can you expect from our cord blood support team?

WMDA will provide:

  • Advice on the best possible cord blood product in the world from our cord blood specialists
  • Assessment of quality and potency of the available cord blood products
  • Support (if needed) when you are in process of selecting and you need a second opinion
  • Support (if needed) if you need advice on the further steps in the selection process
  • The service is free of charge and its performance will be evaluated on April 14th

Who are helping you?

These are the names of our cord blood specialists who have volunteered to assist transplant centres with this unique emergency help: Irina Evseeva - Anthony Nolan, Roger Horton - Anthony Nolan, Martijn Braakman - Matchis, Sergio Querol - Barcelona Cord Blood Bank, Alexander Platz - DKMS, Machteld Oudshoorn -WMDA, Gesine Koegler - Dusseldorf Cord Blood Bank, Valerie Stewart - Canadian Blood Services.

How to connect to this service?

Send an e-mail with the above-mentioned information to Lydia Foeken ( You will receive a confirmation with the name of the cord blood specialist who will assist you in the selection of the cord blood unit.

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