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November 27, 2023

Information from Karelian BMD Registry (ION 8256)

  1. Shipping donor’s blood samples for confirmatory typing is possible to all countries of the world with the exception of Syria, Cuba and North Korea. Shipping times depend on the specific country receiving the parcel with blood samples.
  2. Donor’s medical examination at the stage of confirmatory typing is carried out in Russia. 
  3. Work-up and donor’s product collection *: 

a) performed in Russia if courier can deliver the donor’s product from Russia to the transplant center; 
b) performed outside Russia if courier is unable to deliver the donor’s product from Russia to the transplant center.
* In each case the decision is made jointly with the requesting registry taking into account the specific situation.

Contacts for requesting centers: e-mail: karelianbmd.donation@yahoo.com;  katelian.bmd@onego.ru
tel: +7 905 299 91 8; fax: +7 8142 765 897


WMDA strongly condemns the violence that is occurring in Israel and Gaza. We offer our sympathies to all those who are suffering because of this conflict. We extend our support to the donor registries and medical centres whose donors and patients are negatively affected by this crisis. On the homepage of WMDA Share, we will keep you posted on the operations of the Israelian registries.


February 22, 2024

Information from Ezer Mizion Registry on their operations:

We would like to inform you that due to an issue within our computer network, we are currently experiencing difficulties in receiving emails. We expect the return to normal is a matter of several hours.
Please be assured that we are actively working to resolve these issues in collaboration with our risk management and IT teams.

During this period, in case of an emergency ,we kindly request you to continue communicating with us via the email sigal@bmdr.org.il , or by using the emergency phone number +972-529580059. We are committed to doing everything in our power to promptly and effectively handle any ongoing urgent cases.
Please note that all other emails will be processed at a later time, once the situation returns to normal. We will keep you informed as soon as the situation is resolved.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this period.

Ezer Mizion BMDR has returned to normal operations. Registries may feel confident to send VT/WU requests; there are no restrictions.

Contact Information:

Yehudit Eitiel: yehudite@bmdr.org.il  +972-52-9580059
Sigal Manor: sigal@bmdr.org.il  +972-52-9580039


October 12, 2023

Information from Hadassah Registry on their operations:

Hadassah Registry continues to operate, but delays in communication might occur. Due to the political situation in Israel, less donors are available to donate, because many have been drafted to serve in the army. Also, donors might be unable to travel, impacting work-up requests. There are still flights, but less than usual. Hadassah recommends to use either Royale International or ICL as couriers for transport of stem cell products.

Contact details:
Ofra Elkouby: +972-545335540


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