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What is the exact last filedate?

The last filedate is shown as the date the data has been imported in the new pipeline.

All existing dot20 files have been imported at 2018-04-05 and 2018-04-06.

For precise identification of the last filedate of these dates, you will need to look at the archived version of the previous data

Was the data delivered by XML or Dot20 ?
As of 26 of July 2018 we do not provide upload format per registry.

All registries have been set to deliver in XML format.

Until the first physical XML upload, data may still origin from dot20 format.

  • Donor/CBU counts per ION (Pool)
  • Typing percentages
  • Date last file

  • Accreditation status ( Please note the accredation status refers to the listing organisation, and not to the accredation status of the affiliated organisations. For specific information of the accredation status of the affeliated organisations, you should should consult the Database page.
titleFrequently asked questions

Updated once a day, after export

Columns are sortable

xls, csv database counts, Listing organisation IONS and POOL onlyUnformatted, updated every hourtxt of donors, cords, and countries

Trend analysis for donor/cbu counts.

Shows the trend of the number of donors for last 30 days

Delta's are between first and last entry

You may hover over the image to see the period.

(note : as of jan 2019 we have restarted the counts)

Up to 30 datapoints per ionpng, json

(please note that rendering is done in the browser, which may be slow)

Heatmap of the percentage of data elements that actually contain data.

The column headers are dates.

You may filter on

  • Population (Donor/CBU)
  • Fieldtypes (show any field, only donor fields, only CBU fields, or only those avaliable in both types of records)

You may choose different formats / color codings.

You may switch between % or absolute values.

You may download the raw dataset.

These data are generated based on the FULL dataset, so not per registry.

Measured per week, for the last 90 days.csv