Czech National Marrow Donors Registry (ION-5440) 

CNMDR has adopted following preliminary policy for donors after vaccination against COVID:

With increasing experience the policy is likely to be modified.

Italian Bone Marrow Registry (7450)

In Italy IBMDR according to national requirements, stated by CNS  - the national competent authority for blood, HSC and blood componet donations,  we have just implemented this policy:

Singapore Bone Marrow Donor Programme (ION-3785)

For both donor and patient safety, BMDP sets the following guidelines for donor receiving COVID-19 vaccination:

Switzerland Swiss Registry for Blood Stem Cell Donors (ION-9341)

Eligibility criteria / deferral periods after vaccination for SARS-CoV-2:

  1. After vaccination with a weakened virus vaccine ( e.g. a viral vector based vaccine or live attenuated vaccine), donors will be deferred from donation for 4 weeks
  2. Asymptomatic donors who have been vaccinated with an inactivated virus vaccine or a vaccine that does not contain any active viral component ( i.e. mRNA, DNA or recombinant protein/subunit vaccines) will be deferred from donation for 48 hours
  3. Any donor who develops symptoms after administration of any SARS-CoV-2 vaccine will be deferred from donation until 7 days after complete remission of the symptoms
  4. A deferral period of 4 weeks after vaccination applies in cases where no reliable information on the vaccine is forthcoming or available.