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  1. Upload XML file by user through manual upload or API connection to the data upload service
  2. Pick-up file: The processing pipeline pick-up the file from the upload service Through API connection 

  3. Validations: Check file name

  4. Decrypt/ decompress: Decrypt file and if necessary unzip file

  5. XML structure validation: Check XML file structure based on XSD files

  6. File / Inventory validation:

    -Check ION LISTING_ORGANIZATION and POOL and if LISTING_ORGANIZATION is allowed to send for POOL (affiliated organisations)
    -CONTENT_TYPE vs file name and inventory type
  7. Record validation:

    -WMDA business rules: required fields
    -WMDA business rules: reject record status=DE; HIV=pos
    -HLA validation by HLA core through API call
    -WMDA business rules: minimal required HLA fields 
    -WMDA business rules: optional fields or combination of optional fields
  8. Save records:

    -Save valid records in database (GCD)
    -End of processing: check number valid records with number of records previously saved in database: if new number is ≥90% of the previously saved number of records -> replace previous records by new records from this POOL.
  9. Create report:

    -Create report from records in database with warnings and rejections specified, total numbers of accepted, rejected, warnings
    -Export report to data upload service through API connection
  10. Create export file:

    -Create export CSV file if no processing of files/records is running (once a day)
    -Compress file
    -Encrypt file
    -Export file to data upload service through API connection



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