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Individual at risk

Donor / Recipient

Guidance at RECRUITMENT for adult volunteer donor


Guidance at Recruitment and Testing of maternal donor (cord blood donation) if currently pregnant and intention to donate

Accept if negative or appropriate treatment depending on test results.

Guidance at CT/WORK-UP

Accept if:

Past false-positive screening test –OR-

Successfully completed treatment. Treatment protocol should be according to international standard of treatment 1. Consult with Transplant Center.

Justification for guidance

Curable infection when properly treated


  1. STI Treatment Guidelines 2021 - Centers for Disease Control Last reviewed May 2023. -Β
  1. WHO (World Health Organization) 2016 Guidelines/Syphilis -Β


Those who acquire syphilis may also be at increased risk of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Medical assessment needed for adequacy of treatment based on disease status, treatment regimen received, and response to treatment by laboratory assays.Β 

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