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Any acupuncture, body piercing, permanent or semi-permanent make-up or tattoo.


Individual at risk



Guidance at RECRUITMENT for adult volunteer donor and maternal donor (cord blood donation)


Guidance at CT/WORK-UP

ACCEPTABLE at the discretion of the requesting transplant centre, who should be informed where and when the procedure occured.

Nucleic acid testing (NAT) for hepatitis B, C and HIV are recommended.


Justification for guidance

There is a risk of transmission of blood-borne viruses, particularly hepatitis B and C, through the use of inadequately sterilised equipment used for tattoo, acupuncture and body piercings. A 4 month deferral is recommended from the date of the procedure, but this may be reduced by the transplant centre if it is thought that the risk of acquiring an infectious disease is outweighed by the risk of delaying transplantation.

4 months allows for the 'window period' between disease exposure and the earliest the disease may be detected by modern nucleic acid testing (NAT) assays.



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