The WMDA strives to achieve the best for stem cell donors and transplant patients. We developed a comprehensive strategic plan that conveys its ambition and priorities for the years 2018-2021. As an organisation that exists to achieve the best for stem cell donors and transplant patients, the strategy has been co-created with their member organisations so that it will support them to harness opportunities and mitigate risks in the medium-term. The strategy aims to deliver impact in the following areas:

A. Optimising ‘search, match and connect’
IMPACT: facilitation of the best possible stem cell source for transplant patients.
B. Supporting global development
IMPACT: member organisations develop and grow so that more transplant patients are able
to find the best possible stem cell source.
C. Promoting donor care
IMPACT: rights and safety of stem cell donors are promoted and protected.
D. Ensuring quality
IMPACT: product quality and global collaboration are promoted through accreditation and

This strategy has been informed by the objectives of the EU Third Health Programme; EU’s analysis of the economic landscape; results of the joint action ARTHIQS, and European data protection regulations (GDPR) and analysis of key drivers in the operating environment. WMDA’s 2018 work programme sets out activities and outcomes that will be delivered in pursuit of these overarching strategic aims. Additionally, it includes plans that will strengthen WMDA’s capacity and capability in relation to communications, governance and resources. This will ensure required foundations are in place to support execution of an ambitious strategy that will deliver tangible benefit to WMDA members, stem cell donors and transplant patients both within and beyond the EU Member States.

Since 2018, WMDA is funded by the EU Third Health Programme. The 2020 work programme includes 11 Deliverables that were submitted to and approved by the European Commission.




The EU Health Programme

What is the Health Programme?

The Health Programme is a funding instrument to support cooperation among EU countries and underpin and develop EU health activities. The legal basis for the Health Programme is agreed with the European Parliament and the Council for a period of several years.

Third Health Programme (2014-2020)

Regulation (EU) 282/2014 is the legal basis for the current Health Programme. With a budget of €449.4 million and throughout 23 priority areas, the Health Programme serves four specific objectives:

  1. Promote health, prevent disease and foster healthy lifestyles through 'health in all policies',
  2. Protect EU citizens from serious cross-border health threats
  3. Contribute to innovative, efficient and sustainable health systems
  4. Facilitate access to high quality, safe healthcare for EU citizens.

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